Deliver Better Phone Interactions with CRM Telephony

Ringio’s telephony platform helps businesses deliver better phone interactions to improve sales and service through CRM integrations, call analytics, collaboration tools, smart workflows, & more.


Integrates with 


Accelerate calling productivity & logging accuracy by power dialing straight from your CRM screens.

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Full Stack Telephony Platform

One reliable platform for everything you need, including softphones, IP phones, toll-free and local numbers.

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Call Recordings for Training & Coaching

Automatically record calls right into your CRM, hosted and backed up forever. Choose what gets recorded and what doesn't.

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Gain insights into your team’s calling performance, and productivity. Answer questions like "How many calls are my reps making?" and "Who are they talking to the most?".

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Screen Pops From CRM Contacts

Know who’s calling you and why.  See who they talked to previously and what they talked about. All the info you need for a successful call.

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Inbound Call Routing & IVR

Automatically route calls based on CRM data. Route to rep, route based on pipeline stage, customer tier, territory, lead owner, and more.

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Mobile Apps

Show your business caller ID, manage your availability, look up contacts, and check voicemail on the go.

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100% Uptime Guarantee

We won’t let you down. Period. Full transparency about outages and business grade voice quality.

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