Ringio forsalesforce

Transform Your Sales Team's Productivity with Our Powerful Salesforce CTI Integration.


Log calls to the right contacts and objects.

No more manually logging calls. Ringio's Salesforce CTI ensures each call is automatically logged to the right contact or object in Salesforce. Our advanced integration even allows you to log calls as open tasks and different activity types based on call length, call outcome, and more.


Route calls based on Salesforce fields.

Put your CRM data to good use with our CRM integrated IVR and smart call routing. Route callers based on Salesforce fields to get callers to the right person and minimize call handling time. Set up powerful workflows and turn phone calls into closed deals with our CRM CTI routing. 

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Record calls for training and coaching.

Record your team’s sales calls for use in training, coaching, and quality assurance. Hear how your reps perform over the phone. Record calls on mobile devices, IP phones, and computers with device independent Salesforce CTI. All your call recordings are hosted securely in the cloud for easy sharing.

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Dial leads right from Salesforce.

Use our native Salesforce CTI plugin to quickly dial through your lists of leads, all while leaving prerecorded voicemails for the leads that don't pickup. Automatically dial leads using your current List Views and filters in Salesforce with our native Salesforce CTI plugin. Increase sales rep productivity and make over 85 calls per day. 

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Trigger screen pops with contextual information.

Get screen pops with useful information about your leads, prospects, and customers so you can deliver better interactions and make every call a success. 

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