Sales Productivity

Make more calls and have better conversations.

Make More Calls

Set More Meetings

Close More Deals


Instantly calls out of your CRM with our native click-to-call plugin.

Power Dialer

Auto-progress and power dial from any list or report view in your CRM.

Voicemail Automation

Leave pre-recorded voicemails for leads who don’t pick up the phone.


Automatically show local area phone numbers on outbound calls.

Call Logging

Auto-log call data to the right object and field in Salesforce and Zoho CRM.

Mobile device support

Make and receive calls from your mobile phone, and auto-log data to your CRM.

Business SMS

Engage your prospects and customers with text messages that get logged in your CRM.

Next Action

Automate common follow-up tasks such as setting the next call, or sending a templated email.

Custom fields

Enrich your calls with custom data from your CRM

Video for Sales

Close deals faster with video calls and screen sharing.

HubSpot Workflows +

Trigger SMS, email, or phone calls right from within HubSpot

Inbound Call Routing

Easily route and handle incoming calls, no matter the call volume.

Automatically Route Inbound Calls

Make Customers Happy

Make Support More Efficient

Interactive Voice Response

Easily create intuitive call flows with our visual editor.

Salesforce Call Distribution

Automatically route inbound calls to the right person.

Call Queuing

Put inbound callers into a queue to easily handle large call volumes.

Salesforce Screen Pops

Get contextual information on inbound callers from your CRM.

Warm Transfer

Sky-rocket customer satisfaction by seamlessly transferring calls between agents with an option to talk first.

Coaching & Training

Improve the quality of every conversation.

Increase Call Connections

Improve Rep Performance

Optimize Every Dial for Better Results

Call Recording

Automatically record phone calls and store them in Salesforce.

Live Call Monitoring

Monitor live calls and listen in on your team with one click.


A complete calling productivity dashboard in Salesforce.

Call Disposition

Create custom call disposition codes and sync them to Salesforce.

2 party consent calls recording

Solve for complex consent laws with the split calls recordings

Call Whisper

Coach your teammates right during the call without the caller hearing you.