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Hosted PBX & Call Center

A full-featured cloud-based phone solution that gives you complete control & visibility about your team's calling activities.

Integrates with your CRM

Ringio turbo-boosts your, Zoho, Highrise & Google Apps by matching your callers to contact records and by logging calls as activities in your CRM

Rich Caller Screenpop

Ringio shows at-a-glance all the important info your users need about who they're interacting with, from your CRM and Social networks.

Ringio Desktop

A highly usable all-in-one app that lets your users take control of their daily call routines. Manage calls, voicemail, see who's talking, search contacts for you and your teams.

Mobile Apps

Take your Ringio solution wherever you go. Every call, contact, note is synced in real-time. Available for iPhone & Android


Extend, expand, enrich or simply integrate your Ringio application with any 3rd-Party SaaS or custom solution you use.

Say goodbye to your old PBX system. If you are looking for a full-featured, scalable, cost efficient phone system, look no further than Ringio.

— Scott Springer, Bottle Your Brand

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